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Clerico1for Drinking Age Adultsauthentic Clerico cocktail recipePT5M


Low ABV ( less than 15% ),Light and refreshing.
*Note that dilution and other factors like type and temperature of ice are not considered in this upfront calculation.

  • Oranges 1 -
  • White Wine 2 liter
  • Apple 1 -
  • Strawberries 6 -
  • Grapes 227 gr
  • Sugar 227 gr

Any Glass of your Choice

Clerico is a popular Wine cocktail containing a combinations of Oranges,White Wine,Apple,Strawberries,Grapes,Sugar .Served using Any Glass of your Choice

Clerico Ingredients

Oranges,White Wine,Apple,Strawberries,Grapes,Sugar,

Clerico Recipe

Remove the skin of all the fruits and cut the fruit into small pieces. Put the fruit in a large bowl and cover the fruit with the sugar. Pour enough wine to cover the fruit and sugar and place bowl in the fridge. Leave it for at least 2 hours (longer preferred), and then mix it with the rest of the wine. Serve each drink with some fruit in the glass.

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  • Apple

    Pucker is a line of fruit flavoured liqueur produced by DeKyuper and are usually 15% ABV (30 proof). Puckers are mostly used in mixed drinks.

    Sour Apple Pucker is a sour apple-flavored fruit liqueur produced in the Netherlands by DeKuyper . Being just 15% ABV (30 proof) it's fairly low in spirit and is used in many cocktails.

    Rich in antioxidants, this juice pressed from the pulp of the Pineapple is a good protection against cell degeneration, It contains bromelain, a group of enzymes known to reduce inflammation, improve digestion and boost immunity. In drink mixing, there is nothing like the tropical flavour of pineapple juice to add that tropical freshness and nuance to a cocktail.

    In drink mixing pineapple having a fruity tropical aroma pineapple juice is a good companion for tropical fruits such as mango, banana, passion fruit, and also pairs well with oranges and grapefruit juice.

    Apple juice is a fruit juice made by maceration and pressing of an apple. The extract is usually clarified of suspended starch and pectin and then pasteurised and bottled or further clarified to produce a commercial juice. Apple juice manufacturing being an expensive process, it is mostly produced commercially worldwide.
    Apple juice if unconcentrated, is 88% water and helps rehydrating the body, it contains beneficial plant compounds like polyphenols. Lakewood's Organic Apple Juice is one of the best choices of Organic Apple Juice, while Mott's Sensible Apple is the brand that has the least added sugar in it.
    Apple juice goes well with Vodka too, while dark liquors like Bourbon and Dark Rum had been the traditional choices with Apple Juice.

    Sparkling apple juice is carbonated apple juice, although often confused with apple cider, apple juice is usually lighter, clearer and sweeter. Sparkling Apple Juice or Apple Fizz is a type of non-alcoholic Apple Juice that looks like a Cider but is technically a juice and many experts say that Apple Juice, Sparkling or plain, is not interchangeable with Apple Cider mostly due to the difference in sweetness.

    Cran-Apple is a Cranberry and Apple cocktail juice produced by Ocean Spray. Rich in Vitamin C, with the crisp clean taste of cranberries and sweetness of apples, it’s a healthy fruit juice for you.

    The 99 line of Schnapps is produced by Barton Brands Ltd, now part of the Sazarec Company. The 99 line of Schnapps is the only 99 proof Schnapps and the tastes are intense and makes cocktails stand out. The 99 Apples is intense and the taste is apple to the core and makes Apple Martinis exceptionally striking in flavour and taste.

    Feni or Fenny is a local liqueur from the state of Goa, India. The coastal people of this region has been fermenting and distilling Feni from Coconut and Cashew Apples for ages, and although coconut Feni is banned now, Cashew Feni is a very distinct colourless liqueur with a strong fruity flavour, peculiar taste, the aroma is strong and astringent.

    Apple liqueurs are made from real apples. The popular sour apple spirits are made with the green Granny Smith Apples, while the sweeter varieties are made from several other sweet apple cultivars. Since adding sugar to apple liqueur makes it taste more like medicine, apple liqueur depends on the natural sweetness of the apples.

    Pineapple juice is the juice pressed out of the pulp of the pineapple fruit, several varieties of pineapple are used to manufacture commercial pineapple juice. High on Vitamin C and enzymes that have been shown to activate healthy immune response, it’s a good juice to start a day. The enzyme bromelain in pineapple juice, triggers analgesic response in the body to fight pain and reduce swelling. In cocktails, Pineapple juice goes best with Vodka and is often a regular juice in many Vodka cocktails.

    Pineapple wine is a very potent and different wine, different from what we know as wine. The taste of pineapple wine is strong and highly acidic, despite the fruity flavour of pineapple, this comes from the fact that although pineapple is naturally sweet, fermentation makes pineapple very acidic and strongly bitter and winemakers counter that with added water and sugar. Because of higher concentration of tanins and flavonoids, the wine has a bitterness along with high acidity.

    Apple sauce is a common sauce made from peeled or unpeeled apples with spices or sweeteners and is a widely used sauce in North America and some parts of Europe.

    Pineapple spears are pineapple wedges often on tooth picks, and are a regular garnish in cocktails.


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