Tequila Cocktails

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  • Peeled And Sliced Ginger.54 Cm
  • Dark Rum.
  • Gatorade Glacier Freeze Energy Drink
  • Red Absinthe
  • Salami Sausage
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Small Lime Juice
  • V8 Splash Tropical Blend
  • Canada Dry
  • Hot Water
  • Apple Juice Or Apple Nectar
  • Zinc Tablet
  • Cointreau Optional
  • Seagrams Whiskey
  • Milk Hot
  • Coca Cola(s)
  • Calpis Soda Syrup
  • Bacardi Limon
  • Plum
  • Maraschino Cherry Cherries Red
Easy Cocktail RecipesEasy Cocktail Recipes

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