Liquid Jello

What is a mocktail?


A mocktail is a non-alcoholic drink often made with fruit juices syrups and sparkling water. Mocktails are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to enjoy the flavour of cocktails without the alcohol.

Many bars and restaurants now offer a selection of mocktails and there are even books devoted to the subject.

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Liquid Jello

  • Citrus Vodka 4.5 cl
  • Kool-Aid Black Cherry Mix 19.5 cl

Hurricane glass

Liquid Jello

liquid jello is a popular Vodka cocktail containing a combinations of Citrus Vodka,Kool-Aid Black Cherry Mix .Served using Hurricane glass

Liquid Jello Ingredients

Citrus Vodka,Kool-Aid Black Cherry Mix,

Liquid Jello Recipe

Mix kool-aid according to instructions. Fill a hurricane glass with ice. Pour in citrus Vodka. Add kool-aid until glass is full.

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  • Citrus Vodka

    Citrus Vodka like Absolut Citron are lime and lemon infused Vodka and at times infused with a hint of Orange, some exotic varieties are flavored with grapefruit, bergamot, tangerine and more

  • Kool Aid Black Cherry Mix

    Cherry Mix is a mix of different dried cherries like Bing Cherries and Tart Cherries, sweetened and if store bought, will have preservatives added for shelf life. In Europe, specially in Italy, specific cocktail cherry cultivars are in use, cherries like Morello and Montmorency are the traditional choices, and Marasca, a Morello variety grown in Italy is popular world over as the Maraschino Cherry Mix.


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