My Busted Cherry

How can I prevent the layers from mixing?


Pouring the liquor over the back of a spoon or using a pouring spoon slows down the flow, minimizing the disturbance to the layers. Pouring slowly and with a steady hand is key.

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My Busted Cherry

Low ABV ( less than 15% ),Light and refreshing.
*Note that dilution and other factors like type and temperature of ice are not considered in this upfront calculation.

bacardi white rum-infused chocolate syrup vanilla ice cream milk cherry mix or maraschino-infused busted cherry

Sweet, creamy, and chocolatey

  • Bacardi White Rum 4.5 cl
  • Hershey`s Chocolate Syrup - -
  • Vanilla Ice Cream 2 scoops
  • Milk 6 cl
  • Maraschino Cherry 1 jar

Any Glass of your Choice

My Busted Cherry
my busted cherry is a popular Rum cocktail containing a combinations of Bacardi White Rum,Hershey`s Chocolate Syrup,Vanilla Ice Cream,Milk,Maraschino Cherry .Served using Any Glass of your Choice

My Busted Cherry Ingredients

Bacardi White Rum,Hershey`s Chocolate Syrup,Vanilla Ice Cream,Milk,Maraschino Ch...

My Busted Cherry Recipe

1. Drain juice out of the cherry jar and fill with rum. Let set overnight in a refridgerator. 2. In a blender, mix six (roughly) cherries, ice cream, milk, rum from the cherry jar, and chocolate syrup (to taste). Blend until smooth. Add more milk or ice cream as needed.

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  • Bacardi White Rum

    In the making of Rum, the produce of the fermentation and distillation process of molasses is a transparent spirit, which is then aged in vats or barrels and the end result of the ageing is Rum.

    White Rum differs from Dark Rum in this process of ageing, while to produce a Dark Rum, the distillate is aged in a large charred oak barrel, White Rum is aged in big stainless still barrels.

    There are no legal categorisatoin of Rums and it's just a matter of practice that dark rum is used in cooking or is drunk straight or with a Cola , white rums are mostly used in cocktails.

  • Hersheys Chocolate Syrup

    Cola in general is a carbonated soft drink flavoured with vanilla,cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus oils and other flavourings and has been popular ever since it's invention by Pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886.

    Cola gets it's name from the Kola Nut from which a Cola gets it's caffeine, the original recipe of Pemberton contained cocaine from coca leaves too, and was an non-alcoholic wine. Since it's invention the recipe has been closely guarded and yet replicated by many other brands of which, Pepsi Cola remain to be the major competition of Coca Cola invented and trade marked by Pemberton.

    Cola being sweet and having a refreshing flavour profile that includes vanilla on top to a citrus taste with complex flavours of nutmeg, cinnamon and other very oriental herbs, it in itself is a great mixer for so many spirits. Best of course is the neutral Vodka but who doesn't want a Rom and Coca Cola? and have not heard the Andrew Sister's Song Rum and Coca Cola

    Note: If you are one of those that are clinically dependent on Coca Cola or Cola in general and drink litres of Cola per day, the SodaStream Diet Cola will be a great alternative for you. It has less sugar and uses sucralose instead of aspartame used in Diet Cola. Each bottle makes 9 litres of Cola. Note that you need the Sodastream Sparkling Water Maker for this. But it's worth the money.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla flavoured ice cream is probably the most common ice cream in North America, Europe and Asia. Vanilla Ice Cream like any other flavoured ice cream, was originally created by cooling a cream, sugar and vanilla mixture over a metal container of ice and salt.
    Vanilla Ice Cream as a cocktail topping is popular and it usually goes well with nutty liqueurs like Amaretto, Frangelico and also is a good choice as a topping for non-tropical fruit based cocktails with neutral spirits.

  • Milk

    Milk can do wonders to your regular cocktail. For a rich creamy cocktail, milk does wonder .You may argue that milk as it is made of fat, and being low in acid, will easily curdle if its mixed with alcohol.
    Best way to get a rich and creamy cocktail is to use bourbon, milk will soften its whiskey flavour. If you are looking for some spicier yet creamy cocktail go for Scotch with milk cocktails, they'll surely set you holiday mood.

  • Maraschino Cherry 1 jar

    Maraschino Cherries are preserved, sweetened cherry, typically light coloured cherries like Royal Ann, Rainier and Gold varieties are used. Maraschino Cherries are used in many cocktails and Tequila Sunrise and Queen Mary are too bright examples.
    The name Maraschino originates from the marasca cherry of the Dalmatian region, Maraschino Liqueur is made from it, and the marasca cherries that were macerated to create the pre-distillation liquor, were pickled and preserved for use, the steeping in spirit helped in the preservation, and since the production of these cherries and their alcohol pickle was scarce, the Maraschino Cherry, as they were known in Croatia because of it's origin in the Maraschino Liqueur making process, became a delicacy of the royalty and the wealthy across Europe.
    Due to scarcity of the Marasca Cherry the Maraschino pickled cherry soon no more just Marasca cherries, other cherries were preserved in the same method and were sold as "Maraschino Cherry".
    In USA, in 1912, the USDA defined Maraschino Cherries as Marasca cherries preserved in Maraschino Liqueur, but since Prohibition from 1920, alcohol preserved cherries fell out of preference and regulations prevented cherries from being pickled in alcohol too, and different brining methods were invented that produced pickled cherries that were far from the Maraschino Cherry that they claimed to be.
    Most modern versions of Maraschino Cherries have little or no alcohol, and since post prohibition, under the pressure from the non-alcoholic preserved cherry industry, the FDA redefined Maraschino Cherries as "cherries which have been dyed red, impregnated with sugar, and packed in a sugar syrup flavored with oil of bitter almonds or a similar flavor" since 1940.


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