Wood Nippie

Beware of the death by Champagne


Every year approximately 24 people die hit by a flying champagne cork! That's more deaths than caused by poisonous spiders or lions!

That is because a popping cork travels at 55mph and be careful next time you are opening a bottle of champagne unless you have a murder in mind.

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Wood Nippie

  • Jack Daniel`s 1 part
  • Dr. Pepper 1 part
  • Tabasco Sauce 1 dash

Shot glass

Wood Nippie

wood nippie is a popular cocktail containing a combinations of Jack Daniel`s,Dr. Pepper,Tabasco Sauce .Served using Shot glass

Wood Nippie Ingredients

Jack Daniel`s,Dr. Pepper,Tabasco Sauce,

Wood Nippie Recipe

Combine ingredients in a shot glass, adding the drop of Tabasco sauce last.

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  • Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniel`s is a Tennessee Whiskey Brand.

    Tennessee Whiskey is a straight whiskey produced in the US state of Tennessee. Whiskey produced in Tennessee is technically and legally a Bourbon and is recognised as Bourbon internationally, but Tennessee manufacturers prefer to keep their produce separate from Bourbon. To be a legal Bourbon, a whiskey has to meet the following criteria

        Produced in the United States and Territories (Puerto Rico) and the District of Columbia
        Made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn
        Aged in new, charred oak containers
        Distilled to no more than 160 (U.S.) proof (80% alcohol by volume)
        Entered into the container for aging at no more than 125 proof (62.5% alcohol by volume)
        Bottled (like other whiskeys) at 80 proof or more (40% alcohol by volume)

    Tennessee Whiskey meets all the requirements too, but they prefer keeping it distinct and as per the signed House Bill 1084 of 2013, requiring the Lincoln County process (which involves maple charcoal filtering) to be used for products produced in the state labeled as "Tennessee Whiskey", along with the existing requirements for bourbon. - Wikipedia

  • Tabasco Sauce

    Tabasco Sauce is a brand of hot sauce made from the Tabasco chili pepper that grow mostly in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. It is one of the known highly pungent and hot pepper like the Naga Jalokia of India. Tabasco Sauce is made with just three ingredients - peppers, salt and vinegar. The red pepper mash in aged in white oak barrels and the long aging process renders the complex flavour to this hot sauce.
    It is an American brand, produced by the Mcilhenny Company of Avery Islands, Southern Louisiana. In drink mixing, Tabasco is popularly known to be an ingredient in the Bloody Mary cocktail and is used in many cocktail classics, the sauce simply enhances the flavour of every drink and adds the extra kick to every sip.


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