Dead Nazi #2

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Dead Nazi #2

  • Dr. Mcgillicuddy`s Fireball 3 cl
  • Jagermeister 3 cl

Lowball Glass

Dead Nazi #2

Dead Nazi #2 is a popular Shooters containing a combinations of Dr. Mcgillicuddy`s Fireball,Jagermeister .Served using a Lowball Glass.

Hello, fellow seekers of spirited delights,

Prepare yourselves for a fiery expedition into the world of shooters with the Dead Nazi #2! This intriguing concoction is here to ignite your taste buds and take your senses on a thrilling journey that's sure to leave an impression.

Imagine the blazing warmth of Dr. McGillicuddy's Fireball, a cinnamon-infused elixir that's practically synonymous with a burst of energy and excitement. Now, let it entwine in a mesmerizing dance with the complex herbal symphony of Jagermeister, a liqueur that boasts a history as rich and captivating as its flavors.

But what's the story behind this unique name? The Dead Nazi #2 carries a subtle homage to the past while adding a modern twist. It's a wink to history's pages, a playful nod that transforms the narrative and injects a sense of boldness into your glass. The name's duality plays perfectly into the intriguing blend of flavors that awaits.

Speaking of blends, it's noteworthy that the combination of Dr. McGillicuddy's Fireball and Jagermeister is a marriage of opposites that results in an unforgettable harmony. Fireball's fiery kick, reminiscent of blazing courage, mingles with the mysterious allure of Jagermeister, a flavor profile that's steeped in tradition and herbal elegance.

As you prepare to indulge, consider presenting the Dead Nazi #2 in a lowball glass. The sturdy and inviting nature of this glassware complements the boldness of the concoction, inviting you to embrace the experience with all your senses. The lowball glass is like a window into the depths of flavor that you're about to explore.

With each sip, you'll be treated to a symphony of sensations that evoke a sense of adventure and intrigue. The Dead Nazi #2 is more than just a shooter; it's a testament to the creativity that thrives in the world of mixology. It's a reminder that even in the realm of cocktails, history can be playfully reshaped and flavors can be masterfully combined to create something entirely new.

So, here's to you, the intrepid taster, and to the Dead Nazi #2 ? a tribute to the unexpected, the daring, and the artistry of crafting unforgettable moments. Raise your glass, share a toast, and let this intriguing shooter transport you to a realm where flavors collide and history takes a delightful twist. Cheers to embracing the past while boldly stepping into the future!

Dead Nazi #2 Ingredients

Dr. Mcgillicuddy`s Fireball,Jagermeister,

Dead Nazi #2 Recipe

Build in lowball glass. Shoot.

"The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi" , probably been one of the most repeated saying in popular culture, cinema and everywhere else., made further famous by The Inglourious Basterds

This Ju00e4germeister cocktail relates to this sentiment and probably was created somewhere in America after the war, that would be the natural guesstimate, but, there is more to it probably, and the barman who created this, probably was very much aware of the history of this German liqueur.

Ju00e4germeister is a German digestif made with 56 herbs and spices. It was developed in 1934 by Wilhelm and Curt Mast. Mast-Ju00e4germeister SE is a German liquor company owned by the Findel-Mast family, and for decades the history of the Findel-Mast family had been shrouded by mystery.

Of the two brothers, Wilhelm had a Jewish lover who fled to Brazil post the Nuremberg Race Laws of 1936, Wilhelm sold his shares and followed. It was Curt Mast who headed the Company and rumours still abound that Curt Mast was involved with the Nazis in the 1930s, and although it was not a secret but post his death. his wife aggressively worked towards keeping the past away and brushed under the carpet, it was only after her death that the company decided to go for unraveling of the mysterious past of the Company and the family.

The barman, who created this. probably created it based on the facts revealed in front of us, we can not be sure since such information won't be easily available. But it seems apparent who the Dead Nazi is, in this cocktail.

To know more, read this article on the Dark, Bittersweet legacy of the Findel-Mast Family.

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  • Jagermeister

    Jägermeister is a German digestif made with 56 herbs and spices. It was developed in 1934 by Wilhelm and Curt Mast. Mast-Jägermeister SE is a German liquor company owned by the Findel-Mast family,

    Jägermeister is 70 US Proof ( 35% ABV )


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