Zipper Head

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Zipper Head1for Drinking Age Adultsauthentic Zipper Head cocktail recipePT5M


Sweet and slightly tangy

  • Yukon Jack 1.5 cl
  • Amaretto 1.5 cl
  • Rose`s Lime Juice 2 counts

shot glass

Zipper Head
Zipper Head is a popular Vodka cocktail containing a combinations of Yukon Jack,Amaretto,Rose`s Lime Juice .Served using a shot glass
This refreshing shooter combines sweet and sour lime flavors for a tangy, zesty experience. Amaretto provides a nutty, almond base, while Yukon Jack Canadian whisky lends vanilla and spice notes. The real star is the double dose of Rose`s lime juice, which delivers a bright, tart citrus flavor that lingers on the palate. Served chilled over ice, it`s a crisp, easy-drinking option when you want something bright and fun rather than heavy. The lime notes leave your tastebuds tingling.

PPE Ingredients

Yukon Jack,Amaretto,Rose`s Lime Juice,

PPE Recipe

1/2 oz amaretto 1/2 oz Yukon Jack Canadian whisky 2 counts Rose's lime juice Served over ice

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  • Yukon Jack

    Yukon Jack is a honey based liqueur, made from Canadian Whisky and honey.

    Do not confuse it with a Whisky, it has Canadian Whisky as its base spirit but it's not a Whisky technically, BUT , it is marketed as "The Black Sheep of Canadian Liquors" and that means Yukon Jack is an odd and unique form of Canadian Whisky. So, it is recognised as a Whisky although technically it is a Liqueur Yukon Jack is 50% ABV or 100 Proof.

  • Amaretto

    Amaretto is a liqueur, a sweet Italian liqueur that originated in Saronno. There are different brands and each have their slight variations and ingredients vary from apricot kernel, bitter almonds, peach stones or almonds, all these are natural sources of the benzaldehyde that brings the almond flavour to the liqueur. Amaretto usually contains a 21% to 48% Alcohol by Volume.

    Amaretto liqueur can be drunk straight or used as an ingredient in mixed drinks, or with coffee.

    The name Amaretto originated from the Italian word amaro, meaning bitter. Amaretto's bitterness is derived from the drupe kernel and although the bitterness of Amaretto tends to be mild, sweeteners and at time sweet almonds are added to enhance the flavour of the final product.

  • Roses Lime Juice

    Lime Juice being rich in Vitamin C is an excellent remedy for sore throat and aids in digestion and controls blood sugar, and also promoted weight loss. It is used for various culinary and non-culinary purposes all over the world. Lime juice is known to reduce or even reverse the effects of excessive alcohol consumption and intoxication.
    The difference between Lime Juice and Lemon Juice is that although the sweet and sour Lemon and the bitter and sour Lime are two different fruits, they have similar properties and tastes similar too, the Lime, unlike the sweet and large Lemon, is used raw and is usually plucked green and has more bitterness and sourness in it's taste, and is grown better in tropical and sub-tropical climates.
    In drink mixing, fresh lemon juice brings a tangy zing to so many classic drinks and in fact, it's the most used ingredient in drink mixing other than the liquors of course.


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