Grand Kamikaze

In which period did cocktail consumption saw the worst decline ever?


The late 1970s and early 1980s saw the worst decline in cocktail consumption ever. This was due to several factors including the rise of disco and its associated club culture which favoured hard liquor over mixed drinks; the popularity of wine among young adults; and the increasing availability of cheap mass-produced beer.

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Grand Kamikaze

  • Vodka 3 cl
  • Grand Marnier 3 cl

Any Glass of your Choice

Grand Kamikaze

grand kamikaze is a popular Vodka cocktail containing a combinations of Vodka,Grand Marnier .Served using Any Glass of your Choice

Grand Kamikaze Ingredients

Vodka,Grand Marnier,

Grand Kamikaze Recipe

ice (shake) rocks or up (for shots add 1/2 amount of mixes) Add 2 oz flavor mix or Schnapps for a Cherry Peach Blackberry Raspberry Strawberry or Wildberry Grand KamiKaze

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  • Vodka

    Vodka is an European clear distilled alcoholic drink that has been one of the most popular drinks across the world .

    You'll find it to be the most popular spirit in drink making because of it's neutral taste and absence of flavour and colour.

    Vodka often replaces Gin in many traditional cocktails

    Vodka is known to be good for the heart, and if consumed in moderation, can prove to be good for cardiovascular health

    Note that these days there are flavoured Vodka available in the market too, and some cocktails do make use of them.

  • Grand Marnier

    Grand Marnier is a French liqueur brand. Their most well known product is Grand MarnierCordon Rouge, an Orange flavoured liqueur created by Alexander Marnier Lapostolle in 1880.
    It is made from a blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange and sugar. It is 40% ABV or 80 proof in USA.

    Grand Marnier is a French Brand of liqueurs. The most well-known product is the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, an orange flavoured liqueur made from a blend of Cognac, brandy, distilled essence of bitter Orange and sugar. The Cordon Rouge was created in 1880 by Alexander Marnier-Lapostolle. It has 40% ABV.
    Grand Mariner is full of rich, complex flavours and intrigues of the Cognac, and makes cocktails taste. A Grand Mariner is a blend of Cognac and Triple Sec, it's not a traditional Curacao, it's a similar orange liqueur.

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