What's Blood For If Not For Shedding?

Which mixed drink came before the cocktail?


Punch was introduced from the Indian subcontinent to England by the employees of the East India Company in the late 17th Century or arguably 16th Century.
The original drink of the Indian Subcontinent was named paantsch, the word punch may have been a loan word from the Indian Paanch, meaning five, as the drink was usually made with five ingredients, alcohol, sugar, lemon or lime juice, water and spices.

The term punch was first recorded in English documents in 1632, and the need for a single-serving punch grew, giving birth to the sling, a drink composed on spirits, sweetener and nutmeg

What's Blood For If Not For Shedding?1for Drinking Age Adultsauthentic What's Blood For If Not For Shedding? cocktail recipePT5M


Very Strong ABV ( above 30% ), Potent and intense.
*Note that dilution and other factors like type and temperature of ice are not considered in this upfront calculation.

Strong, fiery, and complex

  • Whipped Cream 1 Spray of
  • White Rum 4.5 cl
  • Vodka 4.5 cl
  • Hollowed Out Pickle 1 -

shot glass

What's Blood For If Not For Shedding?
What's Blood For If Not For Shedding? is a popular Rum,Vodka cocktail containing a combinations of Whipped Cream,White Rum,Vodka,Hollowed Out Pickle .Served using a shot glass
The What`s Blood For If Not For Shedding? cocktail is a whimsical and unique creation that`s sure to pique your curiosity. This unconventional drink involves hollowing out a pickle and filling it with a combination of white rum and vodka. The addition of whipped cream on top adds a playful touch to the experience. While the flavor may not be everyone`s cup of tea, the sheer novelty of sipping a cocktail from a pickle is an experience worth trying at least once. It`s a cocktail that encourages you to embrace the unexpected and have a bit of fun. The name may be cryptic, but the drink itself is a conversation starter and a testament to the creativity that can be found in mixology. Whether you`re intrigued by its quirky presentation or simply looking to try something out of the ordinary, this cocktail offers a memorable and unconventional journey for your taste buds.

DD Ingredients

Whipped Cream,White Rum,Vodka,Hollowed Out Pickle,

DD Recipe

Hollow out a pickle with a spoon. Pour Vodka and Rum inot pickle. Spray whipped cream on and take a chop from the dragons dick! It doesn't taste too good but it's fun to watch.

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  • Whipped Cream 1 Spray of

    Whipped cream is a liquid heavy cream that has been whipped by a whisk or in a mixer until a light fluffy cream that holds its shape. The whipping makes the water and cream form a colloid and often dissolved gas is used which on expansion forms a firm colloid. Whipped cream is also called Chantilly cream.
    Whipped cream sold in aerosol cans, where the cream is instantly whipped by the expanding gas, is a ready to use whipped cream, and its known by several names like Squirty Cream, Spray Cream or Aerosol Cream, in Scotland it’s called Skooshy Cream. A common Squirty Cream brand in the United States is Reddi-Wip.

  • White Rum

    In the making of Rum, the produce of the fermentation and distillation process of molasses is a transparent spirit, which is then aged in vats or barrels and the end result of the ageing is Rum.

    White Rum differs from Dark Rum in this process of ageing, while to produce a Dark Rum, the distillate is aged in a large charred oak barrel, White Rum is aged in big stainless still barrels.

    There are no legal categorisatoin of Rums and it's just a matter of practice that dark rum is used in cooking or is drunk straight or with a Cola , white rums are mostly used in cocktails.

  • Vodka

    Vodka is an European clear distilled alcoholic drink that has been one of the most popular drinks across the world .

    You'll find it to be the most popular spirit in drink making because of it's neutral taste and absence of flavour and colour.

    Vodka often replaces Gin in many traditional cocktails

    Vodka is known to be good for the heart, and if consumed in moderation, can prove to be good for cardiovascular health

    Note that these days there are flavoured Vodka available in the market too, and some cocktails do make use of them.


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