What is The First Recorded Cocktail in History?


The oldest recorded cocktail is El Draque, named after the legendary English privateer ( pirate, depending on which side you are ) Sir Francis Drake. Sir Francis Drake was a British Naval Officer and a Slave Trader who was on his mission of pillaging the Spanish settlements in the Caribbean islands, and when he was in Havana, he found his men severely ill with malnutrition and scurvy. He sent a shore party in search of a cure and a cure they did find, the natives of Matecumbe, the southernmost tip of Florida, taught them the recipe of an alcoholic mix of a bark from the Chuchuhuasi tree and a distilled sugarcane beverage known as Aguardiente ( a sort of Schnapps ) , made from raw sugarcane juice, lime and mint.

This drink indeed saved Francis Drake's men and this is the precursor of the modern Mojito, and when Mojito was invented in Havana they simply replaced the Aguardiente with Rum and dropped the medicinal tree bark much in a way Quinine has been gradually removed from Tonic Water and many other recipes.

Now this drink that saved Drake's men was recorded and named in honour of Drake, the pirate, it's called the El Draque. This is probably the first recorded mixed drink.

Wildfire1for Drinking Age Adultsauthentic Wildfire cocktail recipePT5M


Very Strong ABV ( above 30% ), Potent and intense.
*Note that dilution and other factors like type and temperature of ice are not considered in this upfront calculation.

Scotch Whisky and Sambuca create a smoky, anise-flavored shot that goes surprisingly well with spicy barbecue dishes.

Fruity and layered

  • Scotch Whisky 2.25 cl
  • Sambuca 3.75 cl
  • Grenadine 1 drop

Shot glass

Wildfire is a popular Scotch cocktail containing a combinations of Scotch Whisky,Sambuca,Grenadine .Served using Shot glass
Wildfire is a captivating and visually striking cocktail that`s as impressive to look at as it is to savor. This sophisticated concoction combines Scotch whisky and Sambuca, creating a rich and aromatic base for the drink. The magic happens when you layer the ingredients with precision, starting with Sambuca, followed by Scotch, and then, with utmost care, placing a single drop of grenadine in the center. This technique results in a stunning layered effect, with the red grenadine creating a fiery core within the amber spirits. As you raise the glass to your lips, the anticipation builds, and the first sip is an exquisite blend of smoky whisky and the sweet, anise-flavored Sambuca. The grenadine drop adds a touch of sweetness and an element of surprise. Wildfire is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the artistry of mixology and desire a drink that`s both visually stunning and a treat for the palate.

Fire Ingredients

Scotch Whisky,Sambuca,Grenadine,

Fire Recipe

Layer the ingredients in order of: Sambuca then scotch, then carefully place a drop of grenadine in the middle.

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  • Scotch Whisky

    Scotch Whisky or simply Scotch is one of the most famous traditional whisky, the other being Irish Whiskey, Canadian Whisky, American Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey, Japanese Whisky and Australian Whisky.

    Just like in Ireland ( Uisce Beatha ), the Scottish word for Whisky is a derivative of the Scottish Gaelic word Uisge Beatha, meaning the Water of Life.

    Scotch Whiskey is a Geographically Identified Product and there are regulations that has to be met for a Whisky to be labeled a Scotch Whisky.

    Traditionally Scotch Whisky is made from malted barley, but there had been deviation and variations too. A distinctive characteristic of a Scotch Whisky is drying of the malted barley over a peat fire, that attributes a smoky aroma to the Whisky. post distillation, maturation or aging is done in oak barrels previously used for bourbon whiskey, Sherry, Wine, Fortified Wine, Rum and other Spirits. This Aging process that spans years is the largest contributing factor that impact the flavour of the Whisky.

    To be labeled a Scotch, a Whisky has to be pass several guidelines and production standards designed by the Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009.

    • 1. Comprises a minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 40% (80 US proof)
    • 2. Contains no added substances, other than water and plain (E150A) caramel colouring
    • 3. Is produced at a distillery in Scotland from water and malted barley (to which only whole grains of other cereals may be added) all of which have been:
      • 3.1 Converted at that distillery to a fermentable substrate only by endogenous enzyme systems
      • 3.2 Distilled at an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 94.8% (190 US proof)
      • 3.3 Fermented at that distillery only by adding yeast
      • 3.4 Processed at that distillery into a mash
    • 4. Is wholly matured in an excise warehouse in Scotland in oak casks of a capacity not exceeding 700 litres (185 US gal; 154 imp gal) for at least three years
    • 5. Retains the colour, aroma, and taste of the raw materials used in, and the method of, its production and maturation
    - Source Wikipedia

    There are two basic types of Scotch Whisky, blended Scotch are created by master blenders from these two types.

    1. Single Grain Scotch is a Scotch whisky distilled in a single distillery and in addition to water and malted barley, may have whole grains of other malted or un-malted grains. Note that single here refers to Single Distillery origin, not a Single grain.

    2. Single Malt Scotch is a Scotch distilled in a single distillery like a Single Grain, but it must not use anything but Malted Barley.

    Out of these, are derived Blended Grain Scotch Whisky and Blended Malt Scotch Whisky with the obvious explanatory names, a Blended Grain Scotch is a blend of two or more Single Grain Scotch Whisky while a Blended Malt Scotch Whisky is a blend of two or more Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

    While a Blended Scotch Whisky is a blend of one or more Single Malt Scotch Whiskies with one or more Single Grain Scotch Whiskies.

  • Sambuca

    Sambuca is an anise flavoured Italian liqueur, it is a colourless liqueur in pure form but there are Black Sambuca ( deep blue colour ) or Red Sambuca ( bright red in colour ), thus the colourless liqueur is distinguised as White Sambuca.

    Sambuca is a minimum of 38% Alcohol by Volume, and is created by adding essential oils of star enise, or less commonly green anise, elderflower, liquorice and other herbs as per recipe of the producer, to pure alcohol and a concentrated solution of sugar.

    Sambuca is served neat, on the rocks or with water. In Italian tradition, Sambuca may be consumed after coffee as an Ammazzacaffè, which is a small glass of liqueur usually consumed after coffee to dull its taste or the caffeine effect. It is a common Italian custom, especially after a generous festive meal.

    Note: If a bottle of Sambuca is not what you are looking to buy, get some Anise Oil ( Green Anise ) and Anise Extract ( Star Anise ) and some Licorice Root Sticks and steep them in a Neutral Spirit like Vodka for a few days and follow available home made Sambuca recipes to create your own Sambuca for party days.

  • Grenadine

    Grenadine is a common non-alcoholic pomegranate syrup with a characteristic deep red colour. It is a very popular cocktail ingredient, used for its pomegranate flavour and more for its ability to add a reddish to pink tint to a cocktail.

    The name Grenadine originates from the French for pomegranate, which is grenade.

    Grenadine is not subjected to regulations like alcoholic beverages are, and there are no region specific formulae any more, and thus manufacturers often replace pomegranate with blackcurrant juice and other fruit juices while retaining the same flavour profile.

    Many producers now use artificial ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate and food grade red colour along with natural and artificial flavours.


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