Sunrise in Ontario

Which TV classic made Jim Phelps cocktail popular?

Mission: Impossible was an American television series that aired on the CBS network from 1966 to 1973. The show was created and produced by Bruce Geller and it starred Peter Graves as Jim Phelps the leader of an elite covert operations team known as the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). The show also featured a now-iconic theme song composed by Lalo Schifrin.

The show was popular for its various spy-themed missions and it also spawned a number of films and video games. One of the show's most popular elements was the use of a "cocktail" by Phelps before each mission. The cocktail which was simply a glass of bourbon with two ice cubes became known as the "Phelps Cocktail" and was imitated by fans of the show.

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Sunrise in Ontario

  • Canadian Mist Whisky Blended Canadian Whisky 4.5 cl
  • Lemon Juice 0.75 cl
  • Grenadine 1/2 tsp
  • Creme De Cassis 1/2 tsp
  • Club Soda - top

highball glass

Sunrise in Ontariosunrise in ontario is a popular Rum cocktail containing a combinations of Canadian Mist Whisky Blended Canadian Whisky,Lemon Juice,Grenadine,Creme De Cassis,Club Soda .Served using highball glass

Sunrise in Ontario Ingredients

Canadian Mist Whisky Blended Canadian Whisky,Lemon Juice,Grenadine,Creme De Cassis,Club Soda,

Sunrise in Ontario Recipe

Combine all ingredients in a highball glass. Pour club soda at last. Stir and garnish with cherry and orange wheel

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  • Canadian Mist Whisky Blended Canadian Whisky

    Canadian Whisky is a blended multi grain liquor in which corn spirits are in a higher percentage over other grain spirits, and the whisky is lighter and smoother than other types of whiskies.

    Canadian corn whisky uses some rye grain added to the mash to give it more flavour and this characteristic style and flavour gave Canadian Whisky the name Canadian Rye Whisky or simply Rye Whisky.

    Canadian standards stipulates a minimum 3 years of aging in wood vessels and 40% ABV, and must be mashed, fermented and distilled in Canada.

  • Lemon Juice

    Lemon Juice being rich in Vitamin C is an excellent remedy for sore throat and aids in digestion and controls blood sugar, and also promoted weight loss. It is used for various culinary and non-culinary purposes all over the world. Lemon juice is known to reduce or even reverse the effects of excessive alcohol consumption and intoxication.
    In drink mixing, fresh lemon juice brings a tangy zing to so many classic drinks and in fact, it's the most used ingredient in drink mixing other than the liquors of course.

  • Grenadine

    Grenadine is a common non-alcoholic pomegranate syrup with a characteristic deep red colour. It is a very popular cocktail ingredient, used for its pomegranate flavour and more for its ability to add a reddish to pink tint to a cocktail.

    The name Grenadine originates from the French for pomegranate, which is grenade.

    Grenadine is not subjected to regulations like alcoholic beverages are, and there are no region specific formulae any more, and thus manufacturers often replace pomegranate with blackcurrant juice and other fruit juices while retaining the same flavour profile.

    Many producers now use artificial ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate and food grade red colour along with natural and artificial flavours.

  • Creme De Cassis

    Crème de cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur. It is sweet and dark liqueur is a specialty of Burgundy but it is also made in Anjou, England, Luxembourg, Alberta, Quebec and Tasmania.
    THe quality of creme de cassis depends on the variety and quality of the berries and a liqueur labeled Creme de Cassis de Dijon guarantees that the liqueur is made from berries grown in the commune of Dijon in Burgundy.
    A new protected geographical indication Creme de Cassis de Bourgogne was approved and it guarantees a liqueur made with berries from the Burgundy region of France.
    As for any other European exotic liqueur, if it is not easily available near you, you can substitute Creme de Cassis with a home made Creme de Cassis or infuse Cassis Syrup in High Proof Alcohol for the effect as the last resort.

  • Club Soda top

    Soda refers to carbonated water, sweetened, flavoured or plain, but there is a difference between Soda and plain Carbonated Water or Sparkling Water, which is known as Seltzer Water, while Seltzer Water is plain water carbonated to add fizz, Soda water contains potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulphate in the water, and according to research Seltzer Water is safer for teeth health and sparkling water provides true hydration and is better at it than regular soda or diet soda.

  • Highball Glass

    A highball glass is a glass tumbler that can contain between 240 ml and 350 ml ( 8 to 12 US fl oz ) it is used to server highball cocktails and other mixed drinks. A highball glass is taller than an Old Fashioned glass (lowball) and wider and shorter than a Collins Glass.

    The highball name comes from the class of cocktail it is used to serve, a cocktail with a base spirit ( usually two to three ounces and a larger amount of non-alcoholic mixer.

    For a good explanation on which glass to use for which drink. Read this post from Bottleneck Management.

  • Simple Guide to Cocktail Glassware

    When there is no specific glass suggested for a cocktail, it's up to you to chose a glass.
    Either you just go ahead and serve using any glass available to you following these simple rules
    A. Go for Tall or Collins Glasses, Highball Glasses or even Hurricane Glasses for cocktails with loads of non-alcoholic mixes, and those that require crushed or cubed ices,
    B. But if your cocktail is aromatic and liqueur based, and has a complex character that must reach the nose use a wide mouthed Cocktail Glass.
    C. Red Wine Glasses for cocktails that have a Red Wine as the base spirit. Red Wine Glasses have a wider mouth and a long stem, so that the wine can be swirled an aerated to release the aroma while the long stem keeps the fingers away and avoid quick warming of the wine.
    D. White Wine Glasses for cocktails with a White Wine base, since White Wines must not be aerated as much as a Red Wines, since they oxidise fast when in contact with air, White Wine glassware, in contrast to the wide mouthed bowl of a Red Wine Glassware, is narrow with a narrow mouth. A White Wine has much lighter and delicate notes and the narrow mouth and less surface area in contact with air helps retain the aroma.
    E. If your cocktail is based on a Sparkling Wine like Champagne then a Flute Glass is more suitable since a Sparkling Wine is a White Wine with a secondary fermentation that produces the bubbles, and the narrow mouth flute prevents the bubbles from escaping.
    F. If it's winter and you are in the mood for some hot cocktails like the Irish Coffee or Hot Toddy, go for the Irish Coffee Glass, it has a heat resistant glass and a handle.
    G. Martini Glasses for Martinis or "Tinis" in general, but since these glasses have fallen off of favour these days, a Cocktail Glass will be good too.
    H. IF you are serving Margaritas, don't look for Margarita Glass if you don't have one at home, Double Old Fashioned Glass or other glasses are more common these days, for serving Margaritas.
    I. If you are the adventurous one, and are serving shots or shooters, of course the Shot Glass is your choice of glass,
    J. Finally, if you are going all out and serving depth charges and car bomb shots, all you need is a Double Old Fashioned Glass or a Beer Mug for the beer and a shot glass to drop the bomb in.


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