Bloody Marv

What is a Snakebite Drink?


A snakebite drink is a mixed alcoholic beverage typically made with equal parts lager and cider. The name is derived from the fact that the drink is often served with a lemon slice which resembles a snake. Snakebite drinks are popular in the United Kingdom Ireland and Australia.

In UK. If a dash of black currant cordial is added to the drink it’s called “snake bite & black” or “diesel”.

The American version of Snake Bite often uses stout instead of lager. Snake Bite is a popular drink among heavy metal fans and some universities have different nicknames for it. At Warwick University they call it a Purple at the University of East Anglia they call it a Snakey B and at the University of Loughborough they call it a Nasty.

There is a popular urban legend that claims selling snake bite in the UK is illegal. This is not true however.

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Bloody Marv

Strong ABV ( between 20% and 30% ), Bold and noticeable.
*Note that dilution and other factors like type and temperature of ice are not considered in this upfront calculation.

Pair it with spicy Mexican street food or ceviche.

Spicy, Tomato, Cayenne

  • Overproof/151 Proof Rum 6 cl
  • Tomato Juice 3 cl
  • Pepper, Cayenne 3 pinches
  • Tabasco Sauce 1.5 cl

highball glass

Bloody Marv
bloody marv is a popular Rum cocktail containing a combinations of Overproof/151 Proof Rum,Tomato Juice,Pepper, Cayenne,Tabasco Sauce .Served using highball glass
The Bloody Marv is a daring and intense cocktail that pays tribute to Marv from Sin City. It`s a drink that`s not for the faint of heart and is sure to ignite your taste buds with its fiery and savory flavors. To craft this daring cocktail, mix 6 cl of Overproof/151 Proof Rum with 3 cl of Tomato Juice and a pinch of Cayenne Pepper. Add 1.5 cl of Tabasco Sauce to the mixture and stir well to blend the ingredients thoroughly. This drink is not to be taken lightly, as it packs a serious punch. In another glass, mix 6 cl of Overproof/151 Proof Rum with 3 pinches of Cayenne Pepper and layer this on top of the drink. Keep a glass of water handy, as the Bloody Marv is incredibly intense. The result is a visually captivating cocktail with a vibrant red hue, reminiscent of fresh tomato juice. The Overproof/151 Proof Rum provides a potent and high-proof base, while the Tabasco Sauce and Cayenne Pepper bring intense heat and spiciness to the mix. The Bloody Marv is a daring choice for those who enjoy a fiery and savory libation.

Bloody Marv Ingredients

Overproof/151 Proof Rum,Tomato Juice,Pepper, Cayenne,Tabasco Sauce,

Bloody Marv Recipe

This drink is a tribute to Marv from Sin City and should not be tried by the weak. Mix 1 oz of 151 with tabasco and tomato juice. In another glass, mix 1 oz 151 with cayenne and layer this on top of the drink. (Keep water handy.)

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