Wisconsin Lunchbucket

What is the weirdest cocktail of all?

There are plenty of weird cocktails but Sourtoe wins the title of the weirdest cocktail hands down, and why not! for it features a mummified human toe in a simple shot of Whiskey, usually Yukon Jack.
The custom has a story, and it all started during the prohibitions. In the 1920s, the rum running Linken brothers, Louie and Otto were caught in a blizzard and Louie accidentally wet his right foot and when they reached their cabin, his right foot was frozen solid. To prevent gangrene Otto used his axe to chop off Louie's toes and he kept them in a jar of alcohol.

In 1937, legend has it that Captain Dick Stevenson found this jar and the idea of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club popped in his mind, the membership criteria being “You can drink it fast. You can drink it slow. But your lips must touch that gnarly toe.”

  • Everclear Alcohol

    Everclear is an American grain spirit, rather a neat rectified spirit and since it's bottled at as high as 95% purity too, it's nothing but rectified spirit. Everclear is bottled at 60%, 75.5% and 90% ABV and despite it's ban in several US states, it's ridiculously high alcohol content and a hard to put out flame when lit, has made it an iconic spirit of notorious reputation.

    Some often ask if this is clear distilled grain spirit, then why is it not Vodka? It's not Vodka because Vodka never had this high alcohol content and Vodka is not this rectified, Vodka still retains some flavours of the ingredients but Everclear is almost medical grade pure alcohol.

    If you are in the following states of the USA, it will be illegal for you to drink Everclear.

    States that currently ban the sale of Everclear include California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Minnesota - The Badger Herald

  • Tonic Water

    Tonic Water originated in India when quinine was recommended to British officials and soldiers as a prophylactic against Malaria, quinine was mixed with soda to make it palatable, and since the British soldiers already received a ration of Gin, Gin and Tonic was born when Tonic Water was mixed with Gin and some sugar to make the medicine enjoyable.
    Modern commercial tonic water produced for causal mixing in cocktails contains very little quinine and has citrus flavour additions and additional sugar or corn syrup for a better taste.

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Wisconsin Lunchbucket 1for Drinking Age Adultsauthentic Wisconsin Lunchbucket cocktail recipePT5M


  • Everclear Alcohol 2.25 cl
  • Tonic Water fill -

Shot glass

ETeWisconsin Lunchbucket is a popular Rum cocktail containing a combinations of Everclear Alcohol, Tonic Water .Served using Shot glass

EWisconsin Lunchbucket ingredients

Everclear Alcohol, Tonic Water,

EWisconsin Lunchbucket Recipe

Pour a half shot of Everclear into a shot glass Fill to the brim with Tonic Water

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  • Shot Glass

    A Shot Glass is a small glass designed to measure or hold spirits or liquor, either to be consumed straight in one shot, from which a one gulp alcoholic beverage gets the name shooter, or, is poured into a cocktail.

    The name Shot Glass has several possible origins, one theory says that in the Old West, cowboys used to pay for their whiskey by trading bullets for a drink. The other theory says that Shots were named after Friedrich Otto Schott, a man who started a glasswork factory that made shot glasses in America.

    For a good explanation on which glass to use for which drink. Read this post from Bottleneck Management.

  • Simple Guide to Cocktail Glassware

    When there is no specific glass suggested for a cocktail, it's up to you to chose a glass.
    Either you just go ahead and serve using any glass available to you following these simple rules
    A. Go for Tall or Collins Glasses, Highball Glasses or even Hurricane Glasses for cocktails with loads of non-alcoholic mixes, and those that require crushed or cubed ices,
    B. But if your cocktail is aromatic and liqueur based, and has a complex character that must reach the nose use a wide mouthed Cocktail Glass.
    C. Red Wine Glasses for cocktails that have a Red Wine as the base spirit. Red Wine Glasses have a wider mouth and a long stem, so that the wine can be swirled an aerated to release the aroma while the long stem keeps the fingers away and avoid quick warming of the wine.
    D. White Wine Glasses for cocktails with a White Wine base, since White Wines must not be aerated as much as a Red Wines, since they oxidise fast when in contact with air, White Wine glassware, in contrast to the wide mouthed bowl of a Red Wine Glassware, is narrow with a narrow mouth. A White Wine has much lighter and delicate notes and the narrow mouth and less surface area in contact with air helps retain the aroma.
    E. If your cocktail is based on a Sparkling Wine like Champagne then a Flute Glass is more suitable since a Sparkling Wine is a White Wine with a secondary fermentation that produces the bubbles, and the narrow mouth flute prevents the bubbles from escaping.
    F. If it's winter and you are in the mood for some hot cocktails like the Irish Coffee or Hot Toddy, go for the Irish Coffee Glass, it has a heat resistant glass and a handle.
    G. Martini Glasses for Martinis or "Tinis" in general, but since these glasses have fallen off of favour these days, a Cocktail Glass will be good too.
    H. IF you are serving Margaritas, don't look for Margarita Glass if you don't have one at home, Double Old Fashioned Glass or other glasses are more common these days, for serving Margaritas.
    I. If you are the adventurous one, and are serving shots or shooters, of course the Shot Glass is your choice of glass,
    J. Finally, if you are going all out and serving depth charges and car bomb shots, all you need is a Double Old Fashioned Glass or a Beer Mug for the beer and a shot glass to drop the bomb in.

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