El Cubano A Brazilian Mojito

Should I consider the overall flavor profile of the cocktail when balancing sweet and sour?


Definitely. Think about other elements like bitterness, saltiness, and herbal notes. Balancing these components alongside sweetness and sourness contributes to a more complex and well-rounded cocktail.

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El Cubano A Brazilian Mojito ( Brazilian Cubano con Rum e Menta )

  • Mint 4 sprig(s)
  • Sugar 2 tsp.
  • Cachaca Fazenda Mae De Ouro 4.5 cl
  • Lime - -
  • Club Soda - -

Highball glass

El Cubano A Brazilian Mojito
El Cubano a Brazilian Mojito is a popular cocktail containing a combinations of Mint,Sugar,Cachaca Fazenda Mae De Ouro,Lime,Club Soda .Served using a Highball Glass

El Cubano - A Brazilian Twist on the Classic Cubano con Rum e Menta, Mojito to be precise.

The El Cubano puts a Brazilian spin on the beloved Cuban mojito, swapping the traditional white rum for Brazil's signature spirit, cachaça. Made from distilled sugarcane juice, cachaça lends a grassy, funky flavor that pairs deliciously with mint.

Visually alluring, the El Cubano greets you with a meadow of fresh mint leaves floating over crushed ice. The crisp effervescence of the club soda lends a refreshing fizz. Tart lime slices add a hit of citrus around the rim.

One sip and you'll be transported to the lively streets of Havana. The cachaça adds an intriguing earthy dimension to the classic mojito profile. Herbal notes of sugarcane and cut grass mingle with the cooling mint and a touch of lime tartness.

Though lighter than rum, the cachaça packs plenty of flavor - a subtle funkiness that plays off the sweetness of the sugar syrup. With each sip, the tastes intensify - minty, grassy, citrusy, sweet. Club soda bubbles lift and elongate the finish.

Crisp yet smooth, tart yet sweet, the Brazilian flair of the El Cubano puts a novel twist on a timeless Caribbean classic. It's an ingenious blend of Brazilian swagger and Cuban spirit. Fresh, vibrant and infinitely sippable.

El Cubano A Brazilian Mojito Ingredients

Mint,Sugar,Cachaca Fazenda Mae De Ouro,Lime,Club Soda,

El Cubano A Brazilian Mojito Recipe

Gently muddle mint and sugar with a little soda water in a mixing glass until the sugar dissolve. Squeeze the lime into the glass, add cachaand shake with ice. Strain over cracked ice in a highball glass. Add soda water. Garnish with Mint Sprig.

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  • Mint

    Mints are aromatic, perrineal herbs that grow in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and since natural hybridisation of different Mint ( Mentha ) species are common, there are many hybrids and cultivars across the planet. Along with the mint, peppermint, spearmint and cornmint are known cultivars used regularly in condiments, foods and drinks. The fresh or dried mint leaf is the source of the mint flavour and aroma and is known to have several health benefits and has been used traditionally as a medicine for stomach ache, chest pain and headache, heartburn and diarrhea too. In drink making mint leaves or mint sprig is used as a garnish and is intended to provide that cool, menthol note to the nose, with spearmint being the most common mint in use a garnish.

  • Sugar

    Brown Sugar is a sucrose sugar with a distinctive brown colour from the presence of molasses, it is a partially refined or unrefined sugar containing sugar crystals and residual molasses giving it a distinctive taste and flavour of crystallised molasses or toffee. The taste of dark brown sugar is described as a caramel taste with a deep molasses flavour.
    Brown sugar is used in cocktails where a caramel candy or toffee flavour is expected.

    Caster Sugar is finely ground granulated sugar. It is not as fine a powdered confectioners' sugar and has a little grit to it. It is somewhere between confectioners' sugar and granulated sugar, and melts in mouth with a mild spicy feel to the tongue

    Vanilla Sugar is the regular granulated sugar infused with vanilla flavour, by using vanilla pods and seeds to flavour the sugar. A home made alternative is to use vanilla sticks or pods in a jar of sugar and leave it sealed for 4 weeks to allow the vanilla flavour to infuse. Or to use granulated sugar and vanilla extract and blend in a mixer, although this ends up in powdered sugar.

  • Cachaca Fazenda Mae De Ouro

    Cachaça or Cachaca is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice. It is also known as pinga, caninha and several other names. It is the favourite distilled alcohol of Brazil.

  • Club Soda

    Soda refers to carbonated water, sweetened, flavoured or plain, but there is a difference between Soda and plain Carbonated Water or Sparkling Water, which is known as Seltzer Water, while Seltzer Water is plain water carbonated to add fizz, Soda water contains potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulphate in the water, and according to research Seltzer Water is safer for teeth health and sparkling water provides true hydration and is better at it than regular soda or diet soda.


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