How to drink like a pro

In which period did cocktail consumption saw the worst decline ever?


The late 1970s and early 1980s saw the worst decline in cocktail consumption ever. This was due to several factors including the rise of disco and its associated club culture which favoured hard liquor over mixed drinks; the popularity of wine among young adults; and the increasing availability of cheap mass-produced beer.

Lying on the grass is not good when you lie on it unconscious Lying on the grass is not good when you lie on it unconscious

There is no endless pit

We all have that friend who can knock back a few beers without becoming a slurring, stumbling mess. The secret? Knowing how to drink like a pro, says Tommy Tomlinson, author of the book How to Drink Like a Billionaire. "The first step to drinking better is realizing that you are not a professional".

Drink and make merry vs Drink to appreciate

When we think of drinking, we often think of drunken nights out or parties. But there?s another side to drinking: the art of appreciating fine wines, whiskies and other spirits. This is a craft that takes years to master, and can be the difference between simply getting drunk and having a truly great drinking experience. The best way to learn is to get expert tutelage from people who have dedicated their lives to the subject, and the best way to do that is to go on whiskey tastings and wine tastings.

Binge Drinking Ends Lives Binge Drinking Ends Lives

Know your Booze Know your Booze

There are ways to handle a drink and not get drunk

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they can drink so much without getting drunk? Or perhaps you?ve watched a pro down cocktails like its water, wondering how they can do it. Well, the truth is that there?s a skill to drinking, and it?s one that anyone can learn. All you need is the right techniques, and you can learn to drink like a pro.

Drinking for the urge of it or drinking to get drunk? You are a rookie

When it comes to drinking, most of us are amateurs. We drink when we?re thirsty, in whatever quantity is available. We don?t really think about how much we?re drinking or when. We don?t analyse the flavour, or savour the sensation, or consider the effect on our bodies.
There?s an art to drinking. It takes years of practice to become a professional drinker. But with the right training, anyone can learn to drink like a pro. All it takes is a little bit of know-how.

Dont drink for the urge of it or to boast Dont drink for the urge of it or to boast

Safe Drinking Habit helps

Steps to better drinking

The first step to drinking better is realizing that you are not a professional. The second step is to learn from experts. The best way to do that is to go on whiskey tastings and wine tastings. When you go on a tasting, the expert will teach you about the different types of whiskies, the different varieties of wine, and the different types of cocktails. Learn the art of appreciating fine wines, whiskies and other spirits. This is a craft that takes years to master, and can be the difference between simply getting drunk and having a truly great drinking experience.

Blackouts and Hangovers, the curses that can ruin the experience

If you?re like most people, you probably drink to have fun. But when you have a few too many, you wake up feeling like your head is going to explode. That?s not fun. The next time you feel the need to drink too much, try these tips to drink responsibly and still have a blast. That is, if you are not a college kid who enjoys a blackout, but should not, since blackouts do affect the brain.
When it comes to drinking, there?s a lot of mystery and misconception about what constitutes a good drink, how much is too much, and what the best way to drink is. The truth is, there?s no one drinking style that?s better than another?it all comes down to personal preference and the kind of drink you?re drinking. Generally speaking, the more complex the drink, the higher the alcohol content, and the longer you drink it, the more likely you are to get a hangover the next day. But that doesn?t mean you can?t still enjoy a great drink without getting a hangover, it just requires a little more planning and forethought.

Hungover from Drinking more than the body can process

The basic rules to come out unscathed of a probable evening of binge drinking

1.    First and foremost, don?t drink on an empty stomach, eat something before and in-between your drinks. Eating before and during an alcoholic drink can help you avoid the unpleasant effects of alcohol.  Food keeps the alcohol from entering your blood stream, since the liver has to process the food too, and slows the rate at which the alcohol is absorbed into the body, which means you'd need more alcohol to feel intoxicated (and have a hangover the next day)
2.    Avoid the fizz, Soda or aerated water can cause a hangover because it contains carbon dioxide, which can cause the blood vessels to expand, this causes increased blood flow to the brain, which can cause headaches and nausea. Most carbonated beverages contain sugar too, which can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.
3.    Avoid sugar, although most recent studies show that mixing sugar and alcohol tends to attenuate the rate of absorption of alcohol into the blood stream, the delayed absorption usually leads to more drinking and more sugar intake than recommended. This sudden increase in sugar intake induces a blood sugar spike, which in turn can induce the dreaded ?sugar hangover? along with the alcohol hangover and make things worse.
4.    Avoid ?diet? versions of cola drinks too, since research indicates that drinking alcohol with diet cola results in higher BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) and although this doesn?t have any different effect on impairment of senses, and you are as drunk as you are with a regular augurated beverage, you are more likely to fail a driving fitness Breathalyser test.
5.    Try eating a stick of butter or Greek yogurt before you go out drinking and partying. Butter and Greek Yogurt tend to line your stomach and delay alcohol absorption, while also providing you with the necessary micro nutrients to replenish your body and prevent a bad hangover.
6.    The next thing you should do is drink plenty of water between drinks. This will help prevent an embarrassing drunken stupor and also helps keep you hydrated, which reduces the urge to grab another drink. One glass of water for each beer, one glass of water for each cocktail, and so on. This not only keeps you hydrated, it keeps you full and reduces the urge to grab another drink.
7.    Now that you have mastered the delay inducing methods of prevention of binge drinking. It's time to graduate to the next level. This requires more consciousness, since now you practice pacing your drinks without drinking water or trying to delay absorption by using tricks shown above. You simply hand on to your glass without emptying in a flash, you now are a master of alcoholic nirvana, you can sip and enjoy and you are in no hurry, no one is going to snatch your glass.

Drink Slowly pace your drinks

Avoid Binge Drinking at any cost

Drinking responsibly should be the goal of any college student (although most will vouch for drinking irresponsibly), but it can be difficult to manage when you?re faced with the temptation of binge drinking. With the right strategies, you can still get your drink on while maintaining good health and avoiding the negative consequences of over-drinking. The goal of this guide is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to drink responsibly in college.

Develop a test for liquors like a single malt

The first step to drinking like a pro is to stop trying to drink less. Instead, learn to drink your liquor instead of mixing it with soda or water. This will teach you to pace yourself, which is the key to being able to drink alcohol without getting drunk. It will also help you build up a tolerance to alcohol which will make you less likely to black out.
If you are a cocktail lover, think like Bond, James Bond. Go for cleaner and fresher cocktails and once again, avoid cocktails with sugar and too many coloured ingredients. Congeners are the major source of hangover.

Not an easy art to master, especially if you do not like the taste of liquor, but this is important for this means learning how to pace your drinks without drinking water, using tricks like the mouth guard to delay absorption, and avoiding the classic binge drinking methods. This will help you avoid the awful hangover and keep you from going too far when you are craving a drink. This will also help you limit the amount of binge drinking in your life.

Know your Booze and grow a taste for specialised liquors like Single Malts

Know your Body and What Suits You

Know your body and what suits you

The second step to drinking like a pro is to learn how your body responds to different drinks. The most obvious way to do this is to drink a lot of alcohol, which will make you feel intoxicated. But this only tells you half the story. The other half is to learn how your body responds to alcohol, so that you can predict when you?re going to get a buzz and when you?re going to feel sober again.

Master cocktails, the evolution and history

The third and final step is to become an expert, we have discussed wine and whisky tasting as part of the training, what we didn't mention is the art of cocktail mixing, the history and the cultural roots of cocktails. Read, understand and ask to learn more about cocktails and how they evolved. The more you understand, the better you behave like a Pro and also the better you know the cocktails, the easier would it be for you to assess how many of them or which one of them would suit you tonight.

Know your Cocktail, the history and origin

There are no fixed rules - it finally is on you

Finally, we have written much already but there are no fixed rules, the trick is. To be wise and learn about health and psychological implications of drinking too much, learn about the social implications of being an alcoholic, and then understand that you can still enjoy your drink without being knocked off the floor every time you drink. And, there is more to getting drunk in a drink.


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