A few tips for a successful pool party

Summer evokes Pool Party desires

Summer is around the corner, and unless you are in that part of your county where it snows till May, you might be dreaming of the pool and the days spent under the sun, floating in the pool like a seasoned hippo sipping pina colada and feeling happy like never before. For all those that face the summer and pool parties are the best way to connect with friends and family and socialize, here?s the ultimate guide on how to easily throw a ?world famous? pool party.
Whether it?s your own backyard pool or you rent a pool for a day, and invite friends over, a pool party will always be a hit, it?s about how to plan and execute it and add that WOW factor to it and keep the ZING going.

Here are a few tips and references to help you plan a pool party worth remembering


WHEN: A pool party can be any place any time but what is the best time for a pool party?

Pool parties are best organized in the afternoon and continued till the evening, midafternoon being the best time to start unless it is too hot and humid, and in such a situation an evening pool party is the best and most enjoyable for all.
A 3 PM pool party with a barbeque is the best, and once the time is settled, next issue to sort will be invitations.

INVITE: how to make the invitation exude warmth and a promise of good time?

You can of course simply call your friends over, buddies will come over even on hearsay, but since its your party, you need to send formal invites, and spend some time and energy upfront on this, don?t just send plain emails or texts, get some nice invitation card template from POD platforms like Zazzle, get them custom printed and delivered at your doorstep and then mail them to your guests. Remember that a party is not just for immediate friends, so take the time make everyone feel enthused and welcome.

WHERE: your own backyard pool or a public pool that is available on rent for parties?

Both have their own set of advantages, organizing a house party is comfortable for many, and many find it cumbersome and fear a cluttered house and a huge mess to clear, for them renting a pool is better, but that?s only practical if it?s a gala event and the number of guests is beyond what one can accommodate in a house party.

DÉCOR: Come up with a theme

Always better if you can come up with a theme, summer themes are many and you could go from tropical to plush, colourful or posh, it?s how you feel about your party. Tiki torches, Tiki themed decors and bar counters for that Polynesian, Caribbean warmth or think South East Asia and go for a Balinese themed party for that exotic feel.
Throw in a lot of seaters, plush or simple, arrange them around the pool, and decorate them with loads of summer flowers and use a fruity exotic air freshener and can even think of Asian incense sticks and perfumed candles if the party is planned to extend after dark.
Here is a good list of pool party décor ideas, and here is a nice set of images on exotic Balinese themed parties.

FOOD: Swimming and continuous activity makes people hungry, young and old alike

It?s very important to keep people entertained, and people hanging out by the pool will stay by the pool even longer if they keep finding lip smacking snacks whenever they reach out for one. Keep snacks tables spread wisely all over the place and near all the bar tables.
An easy but superhit American way to keep guests engaged and fed is lighting up a barbeque and a beer fridge to cool. Along with your themed menu of food and snacks, a BBQ is always an option to entertain those that enjoy a grill more than fancy snacks.

FLOATS: Plenty of them for those who wouldn?t leave the pool at all

Search the internet for kids and adult floaters and even floating drink holders, they are a super hit idea to pass bottles across the pool. Nautica or Aquatica, whatever your theme is, or even if it?s a simple ?by the beach? theme, there is always one float that goes perfectly with your theme.

GAMES: Water games or games by the pool are a must

Games would depend upon the kind of guests of course, if it?s a family affair then games for both kids and adults are important. Subtle Revelry has a nice list of family game ideas here and Evoma Hotels has a great list too.

MUSIC: Plan a playlist that suits the theme

Music must match the theme, if it?s a Caribbean themed party, go through the best reggae beach party playlists on iTunes and create your own playlist. If it?s a Spanish beach party, go for the sensual Balearic music themes, try Café Del Mar Ibiza playlists over iTunes. There is practically music for every theme you desire, you just have to be clever and careful in your selection.
Above and beyond all the arrangements, what?s most important is the warmth, the way you make your guests feel, and make it a point to be the best host ever. Help people enjoy and help them to reach the venue and even keep a cab service handy, in case some guests need to be dropped off. Be with them till they leave and be in their memories as a great host, forever.


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