5 easy to mix cocktails for your cocktail party

Why do we clink glasses and toast before drinking?


Banging of wooden mugs or metal bowls of liquor is a medieval custom of spilling each others drink into the others mug, to make sure that no one tried to spike the other's drink with poison, sailors did it, guests in a tavern would do it too.
The host of a meal would drink from the bottle for the guests first and then all would clink glasses to ensure the host didn't spike their drink. The level of trust was absolutely measly back in the days, but with time the custom became a cheerful custom of showing trust, honesty and a toast to good health.

Don't get nervous and worry yourself to death dreading the effort required

When it is time to plan for that cocktail party that you had been planning for a while but have been scared by the thought of having to go hands on into drink mixing, then it?s exactly why you should get some idea from this list of 5 fantastic cocktails that are easy to mix, can be prepared and kept ready ahead of the party and require very few ingredients.

This list doesn?t contain pitcher drinks or big batch cocktails but still if cleverly planned, can be pre-mixed a little ahead of the party and then the final shake and pour ceremony can be done right during the party or slightly ahead of the arrival of the guests and kept in a refrigerator. But note that although none of these five fabulous cocktails are big batch recipes, but we shall try to find ways to make mixing easy and plan it such that you are ready in time.

Images are representative only and don't resemble the cocktail in real

Joy Ride

This bitter sweet delicious Vodka cocktail has the perfect blend of bitter and herbs of Campari with the citrus flavour of Absolut Citron, with the Sweet and Sour Mix and the Sugar and Lemon and Soda Water adds the deliciousness to the drink. The red of Campari blended with the pale yellow of the sweet and sour mix and the lemon gives it a very yummy colour that is yellowish-green with hints of orange and will be a party hit instantly.

Mixing this drink is easy, start with the total number of this cocktail you plan to serve, proportion ingredients as per the recipe multiplied by the total number of drinks and begin.

Step 1: Take the total sugar and lemon and muddle them lightly without extracting too much of essential oils from the lemon peels and keep the blend aside in the refrigerator.

Step II: Mix the total required Absolut Citron, Campari and Sweet and Sour Mix in store it too.

Step III: Now when guests are supposed to start arriving, mix the ice, and the blends and shake and pour in hurricane glasses and again store in refrigerator on multiple cocktail trays.

Step IV: When the guests are arriving take the trays out spritz the glasses with soda water and put on the table.

Amalfi Dream

inspired by the dream Mediterranean vacation destination on the Southwest Coast of Italy, which is famed for its production of Limoncello Liqueur, Amalfi Dream is another easy to mix cocktail that tastes like a summer vacation and can lift the spirit of any party.
Step 1: Amalfi Dream is so easy to mix that you can do it almost in one step, but better split it, again measure the exact total amount of Vodka required, the total fresh lemon juice required and of course the total Limoncello you need, mix all three and keep stored in a jar with a lid in the refrigerator moments ahead of the party, don?t let it get too cold.

Step II: Keep the cocktail glasses in the refrigerator to chill.

Step III: Pour in cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 5 fresh mint leaves and shake for 10 seconds and pour in the chilled glass and repeat to fill all intended glasses and again store in refrigerator on a cocktail tray, and put on the table right when the party begins.

Amalfi Dream

White Russian

This is one cocktail that requires some homework, there are simpler versions of the White Russian, but if you can manage the extra work this recipe asks for, guests will kiss your hand and thank you.

The extra work requires coating Pina Colada glasses with chocolate and blending several ingredients to get the special texture and flavour this cocktail offers.

Step I: Easy way to coat so many pina colada glasses with chocolate might seem hectic, but if the glasses are chilled in a freezer for a minute and then chocolate syrup is slowly poured along the inner surface of the glass while slowly turning the glass, the chocolate will quickly harden and form an interesting pattern on the glass. Note that the coting doesn?t have to be even or cover the glass completely. Store the coated glasses in the refrigerator.

Step II: Blend Amaretto, Frangelico, Crème de Cacao and Vanilla Ice Cream to the consistency of a milk shake and keep in refrigerator.

Step III: Just ahead of the party, pour the blend in the pina colada glasses and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings and serve. This is quite a heady mix so be ready to see off a few tipsy guests.

Frozen Sunset

This is one simple cocktail that is classic in it?s recipe and yet is simple to mix and serve.

The only pre party work required is rimming the whisky glasses with lemon juice and then with caster sugar, that creates that sweet and sour spark.

Step I: Dip Whisky glasses in lemon juice, and then dip it in caster sugar and let it dry.
Step II: Mix the total required Gin and Angostura Bitters and the Lemon juice and keep it cool. Keep the jar or jug with the lid on.
Step III: Just ahead of the party shake the mix with ice and strain into the glasses and serve.

Frozen Sunset Images are representative and might not resemble the actual cocktail

Espresso Martini

This is yet another delicious cocktail that is perfect for the American coffee love. Easy to make and all that it requires is a good shake.

The only hard work here is that it can?t be made in a batch and poured into glasses one after the other, since the froth that is needed on top might not pass on to every glass that way. But one can always give it a try beforehand and see how that works.

Step I: Pour into a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously to have that froth and strain into a Martini Glass or any glass of your choice.

Step II: Garnish with three whole coffee beans for that Italian traditional way of drinking Sambuca, where each bean represents health, happiness and prosperity.


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