Liquid Cocaine

The Liquid Cocaine cocktails and shots we serve at our bars are not what the Liquid Cocaine originally is


Cocaine is a widely banned Central Nervous System stimulant drug obtained from the leaves of two Coca species native to South America

Powder, Crystal or Liquid

Liquid Cocaine

Liquid Cocaine is as dangerous a CNS stimulant, and has the same euphoria inducing effect on the brain, as powder or crystal

Dissolved in water or alcohol


Our brain's reward system releases dopamine from the neurons and the synapses carry them to other neurons and we feel happy when something pleasurable happens

Cocaine induced Euphoria


A protein transporter collects the dopamine once its job is done,from the synapse, to recycle it. Cocaine attaches to this Dopamine transporter and stops it

Cocaine induced dopamine flooding


Dopamine builds up in the synapse creating a rush of euphoria, and induces hallucinations

prolonged hallucination


The inhibition of Dopamine Transporter protein results in the buildup induced Euphoria, which leads to intense highs and long term addiction.

Dopamine Addiction

Health Concerns

Cocaine cause significant, permanent damage to the  cardiovascular system and other organs

Long term ailments

Why Liquid

Liquid Cocaine is not just easier to consume than snorting, it is practically undetectable and is much easier to smuggle. 

Easy to smuggle

Deathly Drug

Apart from the ease to smuggle, a cocaine or coca leaf and alcohol combination has been used as a party drug for decades, and it is a very potent and deathly drug.

cocaine in alcohol

Coca Cola

The inventor of Coca Cola, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, in 1886, created the first Coca Leaf, Caffeine and Alcohol based drink, that later evolved into Coca Cola

the only legal liquid cocaine

Back to Legal

Enough of contraband cocaine for now, let's get back to Liquid Cocaine non-narcotic alcohol cocktail now.

non-narcotic cocktails 

Liquid Cocaine

Liquid cocaineĀ refers to several potent alcohol based cocktails, high on alcohol and with a sweet, syrupy taste that hits hard and is quite addictive

non narcotic but addictive 


Not one, there are several liquid cocaine cocktail recipes. Take a look at seventeen recipes to try at home.

Seventeed Recipes