<p>The 5 PM cocktail is an unusual cocktail that uses hot tea as an ingredient.The dark Rum is its base and the Cointreau adds the flavour.<br> You can also try a different flavour by adding a few drops of milk and if it suits you, see what amount of milk works best for you.</p>

5 PM

  • Dark Rum 2 cl
  • Milk 1 cl
  • Tea littile other
  • Cointreau – –

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Any Glass of your Choice

5 pm is a popular Liqueurs,Rum,Vermouth cocktail containing a combinations of Dark Rum,Milk,Tea,Cointreau .Served using Any Glass of your Choice

5 PM Ingredients

Dark Rum,Milk,Tea,Cointreau,

5 PM Recipe

Put Cointreau and Rum into a tea Cup Fill with hot tea (something English, like Earl Grey), and add a few drops of milk.