Whiskey, a drink originated during the early 1400̵;s in Scotland, has become a very popular drink around the modern world.

Whiskey popularly known as ‘Water to life’, has maintained its original taste since its inception.
A bond over whiskey, whiskey to console in your hard times are some of the phrases we often refer to. Whiskey for some plays a significant role in expressing the bond of friendship,being social.

whiskey a water to life

Whiskey can be a writer̵;s muse! Browse through literature of any era, be it romantic, social, political or anything you will find its presence.

Not only whiskey, has its share in the world of literature. Among all the alcoholic fleeting appearances in literature, let̵;s talk about whiskey and its relationship with the author.

“What can equal a mother’s love? Except a good drink of whiskey “ – by Nobel prize winner William Faulkner, in his very first novel, Soldiers’ Pay.

It is said that this American interwar period Nobel laureate William Faulkner has a very professional relationship with Whiskey.

Whiskey made frequent appearances in his work. He loves his whiskey, but when he writes his draft he prefers to be sober, upon completion he celebrated with his love, the Whiskey.

Some of his publishers once stated that William Faulkner had once been hospitalized with his burnt back, when he accidentally slept on the hot radiator after he celebrated his manuscript submission. When the publisher asked him about the incident, he was very curt in his response, saying it was his vacation!!!

William was lonely and had issues with his family. But that didn’t hinder him to become one of America’s greatest novelist.He loved the bourbon based cocktail Mint Juleps, but he only had them on hot summer afternoons. Although he stated he loves whiskey, it might be that he wanted to stay away from the harsh reality of family issues. In one of his famous novel in 1927,he wrote :“What is it that makes a man drink on a night like this, anyway?”

“Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of whiskey.”Ernest Hemingway. One of America’s greatest novelists from the twentieth century. “Papa ” as we fondly remember him. He was referred to as the most prodigious drinker. He loved to have french with Pablo Picasso, he enjoyed a tropical rum cocktail in Havana.But he’s all time favorite is soda and scotch. We might all tasted “Death in the Afternoon “, a simple mix of Champagne and absinthe.
His love of and appeared in most of his works.
ernest hemingway

“There is no bad whisky. There are only some whiskies that aren’t as good as others.”– by Raymond Chandler, a British-American author. He is also known as the father of hard-boiled detective fiction.

One of the letter from 1955,we found that this postmodern novelist has a routine, which starts with a drink of white and ends his day with two bottles of .But his protagonist Philip Marlowe,from his popular novels loved to have Gimlets cocktail(a mixture of gin and lime juice). He himself doesn’t like it at all.

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