The social animal that we are, we are socially constrained as well

This is probably what kept our early species alive and codependence provided with the bond needed to survive. But what was this social constraint, that kept the early homo species from disintegrating and instead kept them in herds?

It was Alcohol, a substance that predates even the earliest species of human. Humans have a long history of brewing and consuming alcoholic benerages, a practice that might have spanned over and beyond 9000 years. No one knows how the very first alcoholic beverage was brewed or fermented, the best guess would be, like every early invention, it was an accident too.

Jeffrey P. Kahn  ( author of Angst: Origins of Anxiety and Depression ) mentions that the practice of consuming predates the primeval human species , it began with our primate forefathers consuming fermented fruits. Some researches also suggest that , since alcohol consumption in the form of fermented fruits predated agriculture, the desire for fermented fruits provided the social stimulus to settle down together and grow plants and fruits that could be fermented and consumed, else in a sparsely populated planet with plenty of wild flora and fauna to feed upon, agriculture would be unthinkable for years to come.

Thus, we may fairly conclude that the human race settled down to cultivate grains all right, not for bread but for beer instead.

Our early ancestors braved predators to climb down from their trees, but, for what?

or Ethanol is a chemical ,which if consumed in a moderate amount, can make you happy and leave you less stressed, since it helps in releasing dopamine, endorphins and serotonin in the brain, the neurotransmitter chemicals that literally help the nerves to transmit electric pulses better by diffusing across the nerve endings and synapses when released by the nerves at the arrival of an impulse.

Our primate ancestors correctly identified what caused this “lubrication” of the nervous system and the relaxation of nerves and muscle fibres that ensues, and one step at a time, took bold steps down the trees to eat more and more of those fermenting fruits that fell from the same tree they called home!

Researches suggest that our love for is a part of the evolutionary process we have been through. No animal have this trait in their genes.  The ancestors that took the risk to taste those fallen fruits, enjoyed the effect of the in them too, and with evolution while they were separating themselves from the other two great apes (  Hominidae/great apes  branched into Homininae and Orangutans and then the Honininae further branched into Humans or the Homo genus, Chimpanzee and Gorilla )  they carried their experience of fermented fruit consumption with them, and later along the evolution of the Homo genus, that habit or experience led to farming and producing grains to ferment and produce alcohol.

Thanks to our ancestors, we the modern human race do not need to look back when it comes to our alcohol.

or to be specific beer formed the basis of civilisation.

The social constraint we created that kept the herd together was not just for food, it was something more valuable, it was happiness and wellness of the mind, and was the elixir.

The role of is not only limited to enjoyment of life, historically alcoholic drinks played an important role as a source of nutrients. They have also been used as medicines for their analgesic, antiseptic and medicinal properties.

Ancient alcohol helped create the basis of Civilisation, of settling down to cultivate. Humans have made alcoholic beverages long before our recorded history.

The oldest brewery found so far, is in a cave near Haifa, in today’s Israel. Historians found traces of wheat and barley based beer like alcohol in mortars carved on the cave floor. This is so far, the oldest found beer in human history. It is said that this almost 13,000 years old beer found in this prehistoric burial site, might have been used as part of a ritual to honor the dead.

An ancient history of drinking

Archaeologists and Historians have found evidence of this fermented beverage in early Egyptian, Chinese and Indian civilisations.

Since alcohol has a very long history, we shall split the amusing history of alcohol into ancient, medieval and modern history of alcohol.

The Ancient Era (period 3000 BC – AD 500)

The history of our favourite drink will be continued in our next post, where we shall pick up our ancestors, now comfortably down from their trees, settled into early civilisations and having found better ways of brewing their elixir, alcohol.

Part One of the Ancient Era begins with Ancient China. Read it here.

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