Vodka is the go to drink for all, from the rich elite to the soldier, from the pub hopper to the farmer, Vodka is the most common poison of all.

Let’s check out a few interesting facts and have a knowledge of it’s history for posterity.

Vodka is a distilled liquor, clear, colourless, having no particular aroma or test.

Vodka ranges in content from 40% to 55%

Since flavouring substances are mostly eliminated during the process of distillation, it is highly neutral and has recently been the most preferred liquor for drinks.

Traditionally, Vodka be made from a mash of the cheapest, most readily available raw materials that are suitable for fermentation. While cereal grains are usually employed in Russia and Poland, potatoes have been used later on in other vodka producing countries.

The most accepted origin of the name Vodka is its root in the Russian word for water, which is “Voda”, although it is still a matter of debate. Some claim it originated in Poland or Russia in around 8th or 9th century, regardless of its origin, a liquor named Vodka has been evidently present in Russia during the 14th century.

Origin Myth or History of Origin?

Vodka was popular mainly in Russia and Poland and the Balkan States,until after the World War Ii, when consumption began to rise rapidly in the United States and the rest of Europe.

Common Use

Most producers of Vodka purchase previously distilled and purified neutral spirits that are extremely high in alcoholic content with almost no flavouring substances remaining, and then they are additionally purified by a filtration process, usually using charcoal and then are reduced in strength with distilled and bottled without ageing.

Regional Variance

Vodka in Russia is usually 40% by volume (80 proof in US standard) while 45% is more common in Poland.

“Traditionally, Vodka is usually consumed unmixed and chilled in small glasses and accompanied by appetizers. “

outside Russia and Poland, in other countries, it is popular for use in mixed drinks. the world’s bartenders and inn keepers favour Vodka over other liquors in preparing mixed drinks because it be combined with other beverages without imparting flavour to the mix, and it can substitute any other liquor in a where the particular flavour of the liquor is not important to the mix, a good example is, that, Vodka regularly replaces in a Martini.

Vodka Trivia

Vodka is traditionally Medicinal

Vodka drinking in moderations, helps in keeping your arteries healthy, this spirit also prevent heart disease by stimulating free flow of blood in the arteries. Vodka can control high fevers, stress and it is also known to help in hair growth.

It doesn’t last forever.

Unlike whisky, Vodka does not last forever. An usual bottle of vodka should be consumed within twelve months of opening. Of course you still drink it after a year, but the Vodka will be weaker and different in taste.

Vodka is incredibly pure.

It is true, Vodka is absolutely pure. Vodka has no sodium, yeast, carbohydrates, fasts or cholesterols, it simply is a pure mixture of and ethanol. Vodka is one of the purest man-made drink in existence, so, if you want to have a drink and stay healthy Vodka is your poison.

It is a super cleaner

Yes, Vodka can eliminate odor, can be used in restoration of chrome, to clean glasses and windows.
It is a good disinfectant too, pour some Vodka into a spray bottle and you’ll have a natural cleaner for all surfaces without the residual soap scum, our stains from other cleaners. It can be used to remove stains, soap scum, grease and oil residue.

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