It is a well accepted fact that is the most preferred poison for the elite and the common man alike.

drinkers are spread all around the world and thus the myths surrounding vodka are a never ending urban lore.

Next time you go out into the city, to enjoy an evening with friends or head to a posh party, you can bust a few myths surrounding and prove yourself to be vodka educated.

Come let’s bust a few myths together.

The Most Disrespectful of all, Myth Number One

is a pure, distilled spirit with a 40% proof alcohol mixed with pure water, and thus, it doesn’t matter whichever Vodka you use in your cocktail, it won’t make a difference.

But, the truth is that with a higher proof alcohol has a different taste compared to a vodka with a lower proof alcohol. It is better to use a lower proof alcohol based vodka in your cocktails since they taste much softer and neutral and would not add any taste whatsoever to your cocktail.

Even more disrespectful! That has no character! Myth Number Two

All are the same. Yes, Vodka by definition is a neutral spirit, which has no special character like taste or odour, but that’s not quite true!

There are that have been fermented, distilled and bottled in Poland and there are vodka that are fermented distills and bottled in Russia. Even more variants are being produced in European countries like Sweden and some famous brands are from America too.

There are that are made from the winter planted wheat of the Siberia and cut with well water of cold Siberia, then there are vodka created in Poland from potato, distilled through silver and then cut with well water. And, they both taste different.

Tasters and connoisseurs regularly identify different vodka by the nose and the end notes, and each leave a different taste in the mouth ranging from vanilla to oyster water.

It’s all Russian! Well not exactly, here goes Myth Number Three

Although it is clearly embedded in our minds that vodka is of Russian origin, since the origin of the word Vodka is the Russian word Voda which means water, there is evidence that Vodka was being produced in Poland, in as early as the 7th century.

The first reference of the word Vodka as a drink in Russia is found in 14th century literature.

So Novice! that Vodka is made from potatoes! Myth Number Four

Russians love potatoes and so they make their Vodka from potatoes only, but that is barely the truth. Vodka can be made from any cereal, potatoes a very very late addition to the list of ingredients, each Vodka producing country have been using and potato hardly share a notable proportion of the choice of cereals and grains and vegetables used in producing vodka.

Vodka is a ladies drink! Myth Number 5

Vodka is a ladies drink well initially or traditionally it was considered to be a woman’s drink but today Vodka is seen as a drink and is not limited to cocktails any more if you want to be the centre of a party drink vodka shots.

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