Oscar Wilde, a man of intelligence extraordinaire, a man of the highest education, a man of wit, cynicism, criticism of social orders and at the same time a loving writer for children.

he Was a rebel, a poet, a critic of capitalism, cynical in his world views, someone who could author critical work on greed and lust for eternity and futility of it, and continue writing the same strain of worldview in A Picture of Dorian Grey and The Selfish Giant in the same breath.



Work is the curse of the drinking class – Oscar Wilde

No wonder he loved his drink, for he was more like the heady drink himself. be precise he was more like Vodka, strong, and at the same time something or someone who could mix into anything or carry on the dual role of a children’s author and the author of something as philosophical and dark as The Picture of Dorian Grey.


So now this banal rumination has reached a point where I have decide whether Oscar was wilder then or vice versa, Why would I want do that?
Simple, for the love of Oscar Wilde and, Vodka!

the verdict is simple, if is the agent of wildness, the agent that releases dopamine and helps you forget stress and bring out your wild side, Oscar Wilde was an agency on his own, despite his love for his drink, if I were as intelligent as him, I would have been spinning magic like he did.

So yes, in itself is just the agent, it’s your agency that will decide for you whether you go for a drunken driving and end up in the police lock up or be creative tonight and be as snarky as Oscar and create art.

Happy tonight, and drink responsibly, and in moderation, as Oscar would have said, Everything in moderation, including moderation 🙂

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