Liqueurs like the Eau de Vie are part of European medieval culture and history and the word is derived from the Latin liquifacere, meaning “to dissolve”, which is how Liqueurs have been produced for centuries.

Liqueurs have their origin in herbal medicine, and probably originated in Italy in those secluded monasteries where monks would produce medicines from medicinal herbs, in as early as the 13th Century.

Liqueurs are mostly a neutral grain spirit infused with a recipe of fruits, herbs and bitters, and often using a secret recipe held close to the heart by the makers for centuries. In European culture and tradition, these fruits and herbs infused beverages are often used as aperitif and digestif and have religious and ceremonial significance too.

Liqueurs are, in one word, gorgeous, and in one more word, seductive, such blends of herbs, fruits or no fruits created by macerating the botanicals and fruits in spirit and ageing the spirit and then filtering the result either to get a clear flavourful liqueur or a thicker and heavier or opaque liqueur as per the recipe from their origin, are each a work of art and love.

Since most liqueurs are sweet and fruity or sweet and nutty or a complex blend of aromas, they can be considered the equivalent of perfume in the world of beverages, and are the favourite of every bartended since time immemorial, since they can take any drink and make it bewitchingly mesmerising and often, an turn it into an intense invasion on all six senses.

5 PM

The 5 PM cocktail is an unusual cocktail that uses hot tea as an ingredient.The dark Rum is its base and the Cointreau adds the flavour.
You can also try a different flavour by adding a few drops of milk and if it suits you, see what amount of milk works best for you.