Brandy Cocktails

Brandy, a distilled liquor of fermented wine, is usually considered a close cousin of whisky, although there is a subtle sweetness and fruity and floral flavour to Brandy that is not common in Whiskies. But since both Whisky and Brandy are matured in Oak Casks that has been used to Age Sherry, both have the distinct Oak aroma that brings them closer.

Brandy is best consumed neat and at room temperature, but Brandy is s very common base in cocktails too. Brandy and it’s taste goes very well with heavy cream and dairy, coffee and coffee liqueur and also blends very well with Ginger ale and Ginger beer. There are concoctions that mixing wizards have created that has beautifully paired tea and its floral, grass and astringent with Brandy.

Brandy is also an important component of hot cocktails for the bitter winters.